The following photos are a small sampling of the models available. I make over 60 different models, many which have never been photographed. If you are interested in a bow that is not represented in the photos please make a note on the Order Inquiry form. All of the ivory used on these bows is fossil ivory, mostly mammoth or Mastodon, with a few buttons out of fossil walrus. I do not use any elephant ivory!

Model AML Model AML
Pernambuco octagonal, ebony frog with scrimshawed back,
scrimshawed ivory button, silver 61-63 grams [Model AML]
Model ADM Model ADM
Pernambuco, round, birdseye maple frog & button, silver
58-61 grams [Model ADM]
Model AMA Model AMA
Pernambuco, octagonal, mountain mahogany frog & button,
silver fittings 61-63 grams [Model AMA]
Model AMB Model AMB
Ironwood, round, pink ivory with thick pava shell slide frog
and button, silver fittings 62-64 grams [Model AMB]