The following photos are a small sampling of the models available. I make over 60 different models, many which have never been photographed. If you are interested in a bow that is not represented in the photos please make a note on the Order Inquiry form. All of the ivory used on these bows is fossil ivory, mostly mammoth or Mastodon, with a few buttons out of fossil walrus. I do not use any elephant ivory!

Model ATH Model ATH
Pernambuco, silk wrapping, ivory frog and button 54-57 grams
(after E.Dodd) [Model ATH]
Model ATK Model ATK
Ironwood or pernambuco, silk, scrimshawed ivory 53-55 grams [Model ATK]
Model ATL Model ATL
Pernambuco octagonal with ivory inlays, Multi-colored silk
wrapping, pierced ivory frog and button 56 grams
(after Meauchand) [Model ATL]
Model ATG Model ATG
Pernambuco or snakewood, silk, ivory 51-55 grams [Model ATG]
Model ATJ Model ATJ
Pernambuco, ivory 53-55 grams [Model ATJ]
Model ATM Model ATM
Snakewood or pernambuco, multicolored silk, ivory frog pierced ivory
button with jewelled crown. 56 grams [Model ATM]
Model ATB Model ATB
Pernambuco, silk, ivory 52-55 grams (after J.Dodd) [Model ATB]